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Fiduciaries are responsible for the way noncontrolling shareholders are treated in recapitalization, cash-out dividend, merger, acquisition, divestiture, & other transactions.

Engaging an advisor whose compensation is not contingent upon the execution of a proposed transaction is a more reliable source to provide a clear perspective to those with fiduciary responsibilities to shareholders. Our professionals provide a fresh independent opinion to fiduciaries, financing sources and investors for public and private company transactions.

Our senior Transaction Opinion professionals have decades of experience providing Fairness OpinionsSolvency Opinions and Letters of Adequate Consideration (ESOP) for important transactions. For a current article by one of our professionals, please download a recent article by Ralph Consola: Transparency, Independence, Fairness Opinions and the SEC.

We have experienced an increase in solvency opinion activity due to private equity dividend recapitalizations for well-performing investments, and fairness opinions for distressed transactions. Our team is responsive, nimble and knows how to get the project done on the timeline that the transaction requires.


Our Transaction Opinion team collaborates with our internal Financial ValuationEnergy & InfrastructureMachinery & EquipmentReal Estate, and Cost Segregation professionals to provide the value opinions our clients require to consider, execute, and report a wide range of transactions including:

As a firm, our industry experience is greatly diverse. For more detailed information about a few specific areas, see our pages about:

Examples of our Transaction Opinion experience include:

Solvency Opinion Example: Confidential Private Equity Firm

Examples of our portfolio of services can be found on our 2019, 2020, and 2021 Year In Review pages.

You can also download a full copy of the recent article by Ralph Consola: Transparency, Independence, Fairness Opinions and the SEC



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