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Notifying creditors

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Receivers and Receivership

Specialists who serve as receivers and as accountants for receivers to manage assets of enterprises through financial distress. 

Receiverships are useful to avoid the time, expense, and stigma of a bankruptcy. Once an issue is identified, swift and decisive action is recommended to reduce further financial harm. Our specialists include receivers who review and analyze financial statements, manage corporate operations, and make critical business decisions until outstanding debts are resolved.

Receivers are appointed by courts to protect property or collateral, to operate a business when evidence supports removal of management, to investigate allegations, and to pay creditors or other parties, among other functions.

Our Receivership Services include:

  • Reviewing the subject corporation’s finances and operations to identify issues.
  • Terminating specific operations or divisions.
  • Replacing company management to improve performance of the subject entity.
  • Notifying creditors of the receivership; making/negotiating payment.
  • Selling assets, divisions, or the subject company and overseeing the distribution of proceeds from liquidation if any of these are determined to be the best solution.

Marshall & Stevens provides independent forensic accounting, valuation, and litigation support services to public and private clients.  Our bankruptcy, reorganization, and receivership specialists are CPA’s, many of whom have earned credentials through one or more distinguished professional organizations, including CFE, CDBV, CFF, and CIRA, as well as valuation advisory (ABV, ASA, CFA, MAI, and MRICS).

Dispute Resolution and Expert Witness services we offer include: 

  • Bankruptcy, Recapitalization, and Reorganization Consulting
  • Data Analysis and Forensic Accounting
  • Valuations of Businesses, Securities, and Assets
  • Fairness, Solvency, and Insolvency Opinions
  • Expert Reports and Testimony
  • Settlement Negotiations
  • Litigation Consulting

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Receivers and Receivership Contacts

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