About Marshall & Stevens

Founded in 1932, Marshall & Stevens provides excellent valuation advisory services to assist decision makers with the planning, execution and reporting of important transactions.

Marshall & Steven’s History:

Earl P. Marshall founds Marshall Valuation Services in Los Angeles.
Robert W. Stevens teams with Earl P. Marshall to form Marshall & Stevens.
Earl P. Marshall and Robert W. Stevens among the founding members of the American Society of Technical Appraisals (ASTA). Stevens named first president of ASTA, forerunner of the American Society of Appraisers (ASA).
Marshall & Stevens acquired General Appraisal Company founded by General G.W. Goethals, the lead engineer on the construction of the Panama Canal.
1967 Marshall & Stevens appraises over 24 million acres (38,000 square miles) of land and associated mineral rights for Native American Tribes.
1974 Marshall & Stevens manages the valuation of City of New York assets in connection with the City’s refinancing.
IRS selects Marshall & Stevens to value the Howard Hughes estate
Marshall & Stevens selected as the arbitrating appraiser in the breakup of AT&T.
Marshall & Stevens’ president, Robert Kerslake, testified at a Senate hearing in Washington DC in support of appraisal reform in response to the Savings and Loan crisis.
1998 – 2004 Marshall & Stevens engaged to value assets of Kuwait businesses destroyed by Iraq during the Gulf War for reparation claims to be paid by the United Nations Compensation Commission
2000 Engaged by Southern California Edison for valuation of its power generating assets for disposition as dictated by the Public Utilities Commission.
2000 – 2001 Engaged by Kinder Morgan Energy Partners to litigation support including expert testimony and valuation of 1,800 miles of railroad easements across the Western US.
2001 Engaged to value enterprises and assets for planned worldwide restructuring of P&O Princess Cruises.
2002 Engaged by MGM Grand Inc. to provide purchase price allocation services for the $6.4 billion acquisition of Mirage Resorts Inc.
2002 Served in litigation support role regarding insurance claims on the destruction of the twin towers of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.
2006 Marshall & Stevens’ Vice Chairman, Alfred King, designated as valuation expert and provided litigation support for multi-billion-dollar Crown Paper Company bankruptcy.
2006 Valuation of enterprises and real estate of Holcim US Inc. and Aggregate Industries for FIRPTA compliance as a result of Holcim Ltd.’s $3.4 Billion acquisition of Aggregate Industries.
2007 Marshall & Stevens’ Vice Chairman, Alfred King, served as expert witness and litigation support expert on both the international and domestic Parmalat Securities Litigations.
2009 Engaged by bankruptcy counsel to provide enterprise, intangible and real estate valuations for the funding of the $8 Billion construction of City Center in Las Vegas.
2009 – 2011 FDIC engages Marshall & Stevens to value assets of over 80 financial institution at over 1,400 locations across the US and in Canada for buy/sell consideration.
2012 Valuation of Halliburton’s ownership in over 100 businesses around the world for tax reporting purposes.
2010 – 2020+ The Structured Finance practice values renewable and conventional energy projects (cogeneration, fuel cell, gas fire, nuclear, solar, and wind energy generation) totaling in excess of $100 Billion.


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