Equity Compensation Valuation (IRC 409A/ASC 718)

The valuation of equity as compensation is a requirement for tax reporting, Internal Revenue Code 409a, and financial reporting, per FASB ASC 718 – Compensation – Stock Compensation.

The task for the valuation professional is to provide an opinion of value of a class of equity of a business enterprise.

To meet the applicable tax and financial reporting guidance, a valuation of the underlying business if oftentimes required before determining a value for the specific class of equity.  Analyses for companies with multiple classes of equity can be more complex. In occasions where a business has recently raised capital from independent sources, it may be prudent to use the funding transaction as a proxy for the value of the equity.

Audit and tax professionals refer their clients to Marshall & Stevens for this service because our work stands up to the scrutiny of regulators and meets the applicable audit requirements.

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