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At Marshall & Stevens, we are dedicated to helping buyers and developers of real estate and energy projects to optimize their federal taxation strategy. With more than 6,000 cost segregation reports completed over the past twenty years, our experienced consultants are prepared to deliver the highest-quality cost segregation services you deserve.

A Unique Approach, Committed to Quality

Our cost segregation services entail a unique engineering-based approach to evaluating each project. The results are highly detailed reports that encompass everything from quantities, unit prices, to reference sources for each asset listed. Our cost segregation services professionals are here to analyze each subject property with the goal of identifying all components that qualify for accelerated tax depreciation and amortization. Our unique approach combined with years of experience allows our cost segregation services professionals to provide our clients with an optimal tax benefit, while always adhering to the guidelines established by IRS publications, tax law, and court rulings.

Our Cost Segregation Services

Marshall & Stevens’ Cost Segregation services are designed to help your business succeed, generate a present value benefit, and reduce your tax obligations. We have trusted experience delivering the following specialized cost segregation services to our clients:

Real Estate Services Renewable Energy Services
Acquisitions Coordination with Appraisal Services
Interior Build-Outs Depreciation & Other Cost Recovery
New Ground-Up Construction IRC Section 48 Investment Tax Credits
NNN Investments Section 1603 Grants
Real Estate Portfolios & Statistical Analysis Tax Equity Investment Transactions
Renovation of Existing Properties
Tenant Allowances


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