Our Strategic Mergers & Acquisitions

In 2022, our 90th anniversary, the senior management team at Marshall & Stevens set a course to aggressively seek out compatible firms to accelerate our growth, increase and diversify our talent, and be of greater service to the public and private companies we serve.

Our acquisition strategy is to grow and evolve by adding professionals who deliver and value excellence as much as we do.  Our desire is to attract teams that will collaborate with our existing staff, introduce us to new ideas and ways to approach analyses, and to carry us into new client and referral relationships.  To add people who are willing to share their unique knowledge, insight, and experience, and who look forward to being part of a bigger, collaborative firm that embraces growth and never settles for “the way it has always been done.”

We are targeting firms that will expand us geographically and into other specialties to deepen our relationships with our clients and referral sources, while introducing their clients and referral sources to Marshall & Stevens. Below is a list of the recent acquisitions made by Marshall & Stevens. 

Recent Marshall & Stevens Acquisitions

Rocky Mountain Advisory (“RMA”)
Announced March 2024

Founded in 2010, RMA brought new services to Marshall & Stevens – bankruptcy consulting and receivership, fraud and forensic accounting investigations, and divorce services – while increasing the number of professionals that provide damages calculations, business and intangible asset valuations, and expert witness testimony. Geographically, RMA established a location for Marshall & Stevens in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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Lone Peak Valuation Group (“Lone Peak”)
Announced April 2024

Founded in 2008, Lone Peak greatly increased the number of professionals at Marshall & Stevens who provide independent valuations of business enterprises and intangible assets, forensic accounting, damages calculations, litigation consulting, and expert witness testimony. Lone Peak established a second Salt Lake City office for Marshall & Stevens.

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Value Consulting Group (“VCG”)
Announced April 2024

Founded in 2003, VCG increased Marshall & Stevens’ presence in the valuations of ESOPs and other business enterprises, real estate appraisals, divorce financial services, and litigation support. The addition of VCG brought Marshall & Stevens into Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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Reliant Business Valuation (“Reliant”)
Announced April 2024

The acquisition of Reliant brought specialists with a unique focus on and excellent reputation in the valuation of businesses and equipment appraisals for SBA 7(a) financing. Financial institutions across the United States refer Reliant to their small business clients for appraisals required to meet SBA 7(a) financing standards. The addition of Reliant provided a Princeton, New Jersey office for Marshall & Stevens.

Marshall & Stevens Background & Context

Marshall & Stevens is respected by public and private businesses, governmental agencies, transaction advisors, financing sources, attorneys, and accountants for providing reliable independent analyses for important transactions and matters of compliance, insurance, and dispute. Occasionally, we are engaged for noteworthy assignments such as valuations and appraisals for the financing and insurance of major US cities and religious institutions, complicated estate and gift tax analyses, and public and private company mergers, acquisitions, and restructurings. We have also been called upon to address important national and international matters for clients such as the United Nations and the FDIC. Our executives have accepted invitations to participate in the development of significant valuation-related financial accounting standards with the FASB, and testified before the US Senate on important matters.

Marshall & Stevens has a continued interest in acquiring talented professionals and exceptional firms.  If you have an interest in joining Marshall & Stevens, please contact us at 213.612.8000.

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