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We understand that state law dictates much of what is expected in divorce disputes. Our team of forensic accountants, fraud examiners, and valuation experts are trusted and experienced leaders in cases of divorce.

When it comes to divorce, it is imperative that the professionals working on your case are specialists with the experience and expertise to handle even the most complex cases. A trusted resource to arbitrators and litigators, Marshall & Stevens provides informed, thorough, and creative solutions for a wide variety of matters in marital dissolutions. 

We provide premier, well-rounded, and thorough financial and litigation support services to our clients because our experts are trained and experienced in both financial analysis and courtroom proceedings. Most of our senior specialists are credentialed through one or more distinguished professional organizations, including CPA, ABV, ASA, CFE, CDBV, CFA, CFF, CIRA, MAI, and MRICS.

Our divorce services include:


  • Classification of Assets and Liabilities
  • Asset Allocation Consulting
  • Asset Return, Child Support (select states), and Marital Lifestyle Calculations
  • Marital Assets, Hidden Assets, and Separate Properties Identification and Tracking
  • Business Disruption, Damages, Dissipation, Equitable Distribution, Historical Cash Flow, and Self-Employed Income Analysis


Litigation Support

  • Discovery, Trial, and Cross-Examination Preparation
  • Deposition Testimony and Demonstrative Exhibits Assistance
  • Expert Testimony Services, including Court-Appointed Expert Testimony, Expert Witness Testimony, and Mutually Agreed-Upon Expert Testimony
  • Discovery, Opposing Expert Report, and Settlement Offer Analysis
  • Economic Research
  • Appeals Consultation

Please see the affiliated webpages and services sheets or contact those listed below for more information about any of these matters.

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