Energy & Infrastructure Valuation

Asset intensive businesses often require analyses from specialists in financial, fixed asset, and real estate valuation collaborating to deliver independent value opinions their auditors, tax professionals, financing sources and investors can rely.


Private and public companies including financial institutions, infrastructure funds and utilities engage Marshall & Stevens to provide valuation solutions to Energy and Infrastructure companies that span from project finance assignments, financial and tax reporting, to buy/consideration and transaction advisory analyses including Fairness Opinions and Solvency Opinions.


We provide a broad portfolio of independent valuation services to traditional and renewable energy enterprises that generate, distribute, and transmit oil, gas, biofuel, and electricity as well as those who service these enterprises.  Federal and state renewable energy incentives are responsible for a monumental increase in renewable energy project finance valuations.  Click here for more information about our Energy experience.


Municipalities, utilities, infrastructure funds, public and private enterprises engage us because of the multi-disciplinary specialists we employ, the experience of our professionals and the client service focus of our firm.  Click here for more information about our Infrastructure experience.

Energy & Infrastructure Valuation Services include: 

  1. Valuation and cost segregation analyses in support of project finance transactions.
  2. Repowering analyses for tax reporting purposes.
  3. Financial reporting valuations for portfolios of projects and assets.
  4. Equity valuations for financial reporting, tax reporting, and buy/sell consideration including residual value analyses.
  5. Fairness opinions in support of merger, purchase, sale, and restructuring transactions.
  6. Solvency opinions for recapitalization transactions.
  7. Valuations in support corporate tax restructuring.
  8. Dispute resolution and litigation support valuation and consulting services.
  9. Valuation of real estate, machinery, equipment, vehicles, and intangible assets.
  10. Valuations for insurance placement.

Structured Finance Valuation Opinions

Asset intensive projects are most often financed with structured finance transactions (lease, sale leaseback, synthetic lease, tax equity investment, etc.) are more complex than a traditional collateral debt agreement due to the specific valuation opinions necessary to meet US tax requirements. Our specialists provide the independent value opinions and consulting required to complete a well-documented tax beneficial financing transaction (compulsion, economic useful life, fair market value in continued use, limited use, residual value, etc.) including cost segregation analyses.  

Dispute resolution and litigation support analyses are also provided, typically related to a disagreement over a residual value buyout, early buyout option, and shareholder suppression.

Examples of our recent experience can be found on our Year In Review page.

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