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Atlantix Partners helps companies increase internal and external reporting efficiencies, find their edge, boost performance, and drive verifiable deltas in enterprise value.

Working at the intersection of business and technology, Atlantix Partners is a premier finance, accounting, and technology solutions provider to public and private companies.  Founded over 20 years ago, Atlantix Partners’ attributes its success to staying ahead of emerging trends by finding tech-enabled solutions to alleviate the challenges of thirty-year-old spreadsheets. They provide current solutions to keeping up with today’s fast paced information exchange, leaving many in a data paradox. 

EdgeVuTM is Atlantix Partners’ internally developed platform that turns data struggles into a powerful information edge, enabled with speed and accuracy, easing resource dependency.

Atlantix Partners and Marshall & Stevens work together to provide an integrated solution to transaction preparation, execution, and reporting. 


800 Corporate Drive, Suite 408
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33334

T: 954.734.2360
F: 954.734.2909

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