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Buy/Sell Consideration

For over 90 years, Marshall & Stevens has helped businesses, financing sources, and others answer the question:  What is the investment worth?

Our professionals include specialists in the valuation of businesses, equity, debt, intangible assets, fixed assets, and real estate. Our clients include business owners, investors, financing sources, boards of directors, fiduciaries, and company management for public and private companies.  Assignments include assistance with buy-side and sell-side advisory including pre-transaction analyses, transaction execution, and post-transaction reporting for mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, financings, estate and gift tax reporting, insurance placement, restructuring and matters of dispute.

Transaction advisors, investors, and financial institutions refer their clients to Marshall & Stevens because our specialists provide well-contemplated, supportable opinions of value that comply with applicable standards set by the appraisal industry, regulatory agencies, and governing organizations: USPAP, SEC, DOL, FASB, FIRREA, IFRS, IPEV, etc.

Opinions requested include, but are not limited to:

  • Economic Useful Life
  • Value of a Fractional Interest in a specific class of equity
  • Value of debt
  • Fair Market Value, Liquidation Value, etc.
  • Value in Use, in Place, in Removal, etc.
  • Purchase Option
  • Repowering (“80/20”)
  • Residual Value
  • Solvency

Our experience includes the valuation of businesses, assets, projects, and real estate in the following industries:

  • Agriculture, Food, & Beverage
  • Broadcast Media
  • Chemical
  • Construction
  • Conventional & Renewable Energy
  • Healthcare & Medical
  • Hospitality & Gaming
  • Manufacturing & Distribution
  • Real Estate
  • Technology including semiconductor facilities
  • Transportation
  • Water & Wastewater Facilities

The valuation process is best performed with the input of key individuals familiar with the history and projected performance of the subject business, assets, projects, and real estate.

For more information, please contact one the professionals listed below:

Buy/Sell Consideration Contacts

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