financial reporting services

Auditors refer their public and private clients to Marshall & Stevens for financial reporting assignments due to the knowledge, expertise, and experience of our professionals.

A large of percentage of our senior Financial Valuation professionals have experience working at international audit firms – they did the same review work your audit firm valuation professionals do – so they are a great resource to our clients. 

Our Financial, Equipment and Real Estate valuation professionals collaborate on multidisciplinary financial reporting assignments for an efficient well-integrated product and an easier review process for your audit firm.

Our clientele includes financial investors (private equity funds, business development corporations, etc.) public and private companies in a broad range of industries.

Most common requested financial valuation services include:

  1. Purchase Price Allocation
  2. Fair Value of Financial Instruments
  3. Fair Value of Investments
  4. Impairment Testing

For more information, see the service sheets and articles to the right or contact one of the professionals listed on this page.

Financial Reporting Services Contacts

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