Transaction Opinion

Our independent experienced valuation professionals provide a fresh perspective to fiduciaries, financing sources and investors.

Entrepreneurs, corporate management, board directors, trustees, investment bankers, everyone responsible for a transaction has a potential conflict of interest in a potential merger, acquisition, divestiture, recapitalization and other transactions. Having an advisor whose compensation is not reliant upon the execution of any form of the proposed transaction is a more reliable source to provide a clear perspective to those with fiduciary responsibilities to shareholders

Our senior transaction opinion professionals have decades of experience providing Fairness Opinions, Solvency Opinions and Letters of Adequate Consideration for important transactions.

Examples of our experience include:

  • Letter of Adequate Consideration on an ESOP transaction.
  • Relative value analysis and Fairness Opinion on a UpREIT transaction prior to an IPO
  • Fairness Opinion of the purchase and sale of operating renewable energy projects from one fund to another fund prior to IPO
  • Fairness Opinion on the sale of an ESOP controlled company to a private party
  • Solvency Opinion on a $1.2 Billion dividend recapitalization transaction.
  • Solvency Opinion on a shareholder distribution and buyout of nonemployee family members from a family business.
  • Fairness Opinion and Solvency Opinion on a shareholder buyout and recapitalization of a private produce packaging company.

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