Alternative Investments/Portfolio Valuations

Funds are referred to Marshall & Stevens for independent valuation advisory services because we provide analyses that comply with the appropriate guidance, and we meet deadlines.

Our team includes professionals who have audit firm valuation and valuation review experience – they did what your audit firm will do and thus they know the best way to approach an assignment to meet audit compliance and to keep your audit review fees down.

We are dedicated to providing independent third-party valuation advisory services to business development companies (“BDCs”), private equity firms, hedge funds, etc.

We provide value opinions of a wide range debt and equity instruments to assist our clients in complying with the following guidance:  

  • Debt and Equity Securities: ASC 320
  • Equity Compensation: ASC 718, IFRS 2 and IRC 409A
  • Derivatives and Hedging: ASC 815, IFRS 9
  • Financial Services—Investment Companies: ASC 946, IFRS 10, IFRS 13

Complex financial modeling techniques required to value some of these instruments may include:

  • Black-Scholes Option Pricing Model
  • Binomial Lattice
  • Monte Carlo Simulation

Upon request, our services may be limited to opinions of Negative Assurance or Positive Assurance of investments.  

For more information about this or other valuation services, please see the service sheets listed to the right or contact one of our professionals listed below.

Alternative Investments/Portfolio Valuations Contacts

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