October 2021 – Industrial RE Emerges, while other markets fade in NY and LA

While investment in LA Office continues to outpace NYC Office, investment in Class A and B office remains well below pre-pandemic levels in both cities.

Compared to 2019, investment in NY commercial real estate, on a monthly basis, is lower for Retail, Office, and Multifamily.  In LA Office, investment remains well below pre-pandemic levels. 

The COVID-19 Pandemic and the Delta Variant continues to push investors to the sideline.  The uncertainty on the geo-political front has also exacerbated the appetite of investors. 

Market participants eagerly await the true recovery, but more time is needed to correct course.  Review for yourself the trends impacting the NY and LA markets by reading our series of October 2021 Publications.

October 2021 Monthly Publications

Manhattan Office Sales Volume & Buying Trends

Manhattan Multi-Family Sales Volume & Buying Trends

NY Regional Retail Market Sales Volume & Buying Trends

NY Regional Industrial Market Sales Volume & Buying Trends

LA Office Market Sales Volume & Buying Trends

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