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Your Business,
Your Value

You are personally invested in your business.

You are considering monetizing your investment in your business, bringing in an outside investor, gifting to heirs, sharing equity with management, etc.

You know your business better than anyone else, but we know how businesses are valued. 

We can also provide an understanding of what can be done to enhance value in your business. 

Marshall & Stevens provides independent valuation advisory services to private and public businesses in a great variety of industries.  Our in-house specialists deliver independent opinions of value of businesses, securities, intangible assets, machinery & equipment, and real estate.   

Common requests from business owners include valuation analyses for:

Our team includes senior valuation professionals with decades of experience in valuation consulting for  private and public businesses, investors, and trusted advisors. Our specialists spend the time necessary to gain an understanding of the specific value drivers in each individual business, the market each business serves and how past performance may or may not be a good indication of future performance.

Fairness Opinion: Advisor to Suntex Marina Investors who purchased Westrec Marinas for 400$ million
Transaction Advisory: Advised the seller Painters On Demand
Transaction Advisory: Sell side advisor on 63 subsidized housing properties.

Common questions from business owners:


Why do I need a valuation of my business to gift equity to my heirs? I know my business and what it’s worth.


The IRS expects that gifts of equity in a business or operating asset (i.e. real estate) be performed by a “qualified appraiser” as defined by the IRS.

Reporting a value to the IRS that is below the IRS’ opinion of fair market value may lead to additional taxes and penalties on the transaction.

A fractional interest in a business is not typically equal to the respective percentage in the total value. Matters of control in the business and marketability of the equity often leads to a material discount from the pro rata value.


I would like to incentivize my employees to grow my business. How can I get equity into their hands without giving up control of my business?


We work with your advisors to provide valuations that can be used to facilitate the formation of ESOPs, implementation of management incentive plans, stock options, etc. Your tax advisor will help you determine which incentive programs are best for you.


I just received an unsolicited offer for my business. How do I know if it is a good price?


Don’t enter into discussions to sell your business without having an understanding of the value of your business and the tax implications of the transaction. We can help.


Why would I want to separate my intellection property or real estate from my business?


These assets may be held outside the business and leased back to the business, and/or to other businesses, in order for you and your family to maintain control of the asset into perpetuity.


Can you provide appraisals of my IP, real estate, and fixed assets for financing, insurance placement, property tax dispute, etc.?


We work with our clients and their financial institutions, investors, insurance companies, and other trusted advisors to provide the independent value opinions they require.


What are the tax benefits of a cost segregation analysis on the real estate I own or lease?


The accelerated depreciation benefits from a cost segregation analysis on acquired real estate (or improvements for leased space) can typically pay for a material percentage of the transaction costs and/or multiple financing payments.

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